Masterpieces go up as time goes by
— Silovan Ramishvili
The most valuable thoughts are antique
— Georgy Aleksandrov
Excess devaluates everything
— Silovan Ramishvili
Everything has its price, but many things do not have value
— Valentin Domil
Uniqueness has very special value
— Dina Din

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Nikolai Evlampievich Bagels Birches

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350 000 rub. Lot n.1, 1900-ies., oil on canvas on cardboard, oil, 34,7 × of 24.8 cm Certificate of authenticity Bank guarantee Экспертное заключение

On the left at the bottom of the author's signature: "Bublikov'". Expert opinion of THE. Zelyukinoy. Bublikov Nikolai Evlampievich (1871-1942) - painter, graphic artist. He studied at the Higher art school of painting, sculpture and architecture at IAH (1888-1896) at the AI. Kuindzhi, IVAN. Shishkin. In 1896 he received the title of artist. Member (from 1926) of the Society of artists of them. A.I. Kuindzhi (1918, 1926-1928, 1930). Exhibited his works at exhibitions of the IAH (1897-1918, with interruptions), the Society of Russian watercolors (1907-1909), St. Petersburg (Petrograd) society of artists (1911-1918, with interruptions), etc. Works of the artist are represented in the state Russian Museum, Central naval Museum, etc.

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