Masterpieces go up as time goes by
— Silovan Ramishvili
The most valuable thoughts are antique
— Georgy Aleksandrov
Excess devaluates everything
— Silovan Ramishvili
Everything has its price, but many things do not have value
— Valentin Domil
Uniqueness has very special value
— Dina Din

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31 rub. Lot n.28, The Roman Empire. Theodosius II (408-450)., 408-420, ag, xF, 23 x 23.5 mm., 4,19 g. Certificate of authenticity Bank guarantee Экспертное заключение

The City Of Constantinople. On the surface of a coin is not visible traces of treatment. Obverse: DNTHEODO-SIVSPFAVG. Chest-low bust of Theodosius in Diadema, cuirass and paludamentume, to the right, but his head turned to the left. Ring spot bezel. Reverse: GLORIA ROMANORUM. The Emperor, in Nimba, cuirass, and paludamentume, it is worth front, holding in his left hand sphere, the right hand is raised in privestvennom gesture. In the left margin of the star. In ekzerge CON. Ring spot bezel. The Roman Imperial Coins, Volume X by J.P.C. Kent. London, 1994. # 369 (p. 268). Miliarens - Roman silver coin. Introduced by Constantine I in the years of 310-320. Miliarensy share to the «hard» - in denominations of 2 silikvy (5.54 g) and «light» - the dignity of the 1.75 silikvy (4.54 d). Theodosius II April 10 401 - July 28, 4500 - the Emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire for 48 yearst with 402 g.. when he became co-Regent with his father Arkadyya and in 408 year after his death took the throne alone. Despite the record for the Empire termya Theodosius has never held the reins of management of the state in their own handsh entrusting the conduct of the Affairs of his servants and relatives. Within six years after the death of his father 408 g.. the office in charge of the prefect of Pretoria Anfimiyy which set a hedge about Constantinople strong wallsi partly survived to our days. In 414,, Augusta, and a Regent at the young monarch was declared its active sister Pulcheria. With 428 of 441, a great influence on the public administration has his wife Evdokia. Noble soft patina. A clear prochekan small details of the pictures. Shtempelnyy Shine. High collector's safety.

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