Masterpieces go up as time goes by
— Silovan Ramishvili
The most valuable thoughts are antique
— Georgy Aleksandrov
Excess devaluates everything
— Silovan Ramishvili
Everything has its price, but many things do not have value
— Valentin Domil
Uniqueness has very special value
— Dina Din

Under the Baghdad found gold

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The Iranian archeologists were lucky to find the treasure. 66 gold coins found in the town of Azziziya in 70 km from Baghdad. According to the preliminary assessment of the coins of about one and a half thousand years, and they relate to the epoch of Board of a dynasty of Sasanids.

The Researchers were surprised at how well-preserved the coins. If to judge on the Dating, the coins were in circulation in the state of the sassanians, which was located on the territory of modern Iraq and Iran, and existed from the 3rd century BC to 7th century ad.

On the same side of the coin you can clearly see the image of the ruler or of God, and on the other - schematic drawing of the fire. More detailed information about the discovery will be able to get only after studies in the laboratory, where archaeologists and sent the rare coins. After careful study of the ancient money, with great cultural and historical value, will be sent to the Baghdad national Museum. However, no one can absolutely guarantee that in the future the coins will not be lost. After all, in the period of military action, the national Museum was looted. And, in spite of the fact that in the course of six years, starting in 2003, the Museum was closed, a total of its storage disappeared more than 15 thousand exhibits. Return only managed a small part of.